Our Services

At our Denture Clinics the focus is on delivering affordable and high quality Denture services. We can provide you with various options and treatment plans to suit. As part of a dental team we often work together with general dentists and specialists should ever the need arise.

Complete Upper and Lower Dentures

A complete natural dentition (all teeth) in upper and lower jaws consist at most of 32 teeth.

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Partial Dentures

Dentures that replace the teeth of a completely toothless upper jaw and a partially toothless lower jaw.

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Denture Relines, Repairs and Additions

Most people that require a Full denture usually require it on the upper jaw.

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Custom Fitted Protective
Mouth Guards

A plastic cushioning device, custom fitted by a Dental Prosthetist to fit around natural teeth to help protect the teeth from damage due to sudden impact.

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Dentures Over Implants

This information is for people who are having difficulty wearing their upper or lower dentures keeping them securely and confidently in their mouth.

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Immediate Dentures

It is a removable dental appliance which is immediately inserted after extractions to replace the missing teeth (or just one tooth).

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